Foldable Scheuerle Highway Giant Dual Lane Trailer Successfully in Use at Sterett Crane & Rigging

Mon January 05, 2015 - National Edition

The Scheuerle Highway Giant Combination before the start of the transport in Tennessee.
The Scheuerle Highway Giant Combination before the start of the transport in Tennessee.
The Scheuerle Highway Giant Combination before the start of the transport in Tennessee. The Scheuerle folding technology allows the approval-free transport of the Scheuerle Highway Giant on standard flat-bed trailers.

Long-term Scheuerle customer Sterett Crane & Rigging, Owensboro, Ky. has successfully transported a 140-ton (127 t) vessel from Tennessee to Michigan using a combination of 6+8 axles Scheuerle Highway Giant with 150 ton (136 t) capacity bolsters. A special feature on the Scheuerle Highway Giant is the integrated folding mechanism, which allowed Sterett to load the vehicle modules on standard trailers at the company site in Owensboro, Ky., transport them to Clarksville, Tenn., to pick up the load without any special permissions and bring them back to Owensboro accordingly. These inexpensive approval-free empty runs result in huge cost-savings for Sterett.

It was the first time Sterett used a Scheuerle Highway Giant combination of this scale. With one tractor ahead and one behind, the combination started to move once loading was completed. Tres Sterett, owner of Sterett Crane & Rigging, is convinced of the advantages of the Scheuerle Highway Giant. “This vehicle concept has put us ahead of the competition as a freight forwarder. We can react faster to customer requests and, what has become very important in our market, pass on our savings to the customer to offer him the best possible price.”

Roland Fischer, area manager sales, TII Sales, added, “Sterett Crane & Rigging has over sixty years of experience in the market. Their positive feedback on our trailers proves our strategy, listening to the market demands and developing solutions accordingly.”

About the Scheuerle Highway Giant

Due to its low tare weight the Scheuerle Highway Giant dual lane trailer has been approved for use in most U.S. states, and was specially developed as a flexible vehicle concept in order to fulfil the wide range of requirements found in the North American market. The design not only accommodates the variable vehicle widths (16, 18 and 20 ft. (4.8, 5.4 and 6 m), but there also is the possibility to safely widen the vehicle under load. Adapting to meet the different regulations in the states to be crossed can therefore be easily and economically made with just one vehicle.

Due to the folding technology, the trailer also can be inexpensively transported over long distances when folded up — regardless whether it is delivered to or returning from a transport assignment. In order to achieve an optimum payload/tare weight ratio, the chassis is manufactured using a stable lightweight construction. As a connection to the towing vehicle, a gooseneck or drawbar can be used while equipment such as spacers or deck can easily be fitted.

The centerpiece of the highway giant features the pendulum axle technology from Scheuerle. The hydraulic cylinders in the pendulum axles have the largest displacement volume in the market thus facilitating driving under and picking up loads, according to the manufacturer.

The Scheuerle pendulum axle mounting guarantees, in connection with the precise and smoothly-operating steering system, easy maneuvering even when negotiating tight bends. On request, the highway giant is available as a PowerBooster (PB). With this version, an additional aggregate provides extra thrust when driving and allow the use as a self-propelled vehicle without a tractor. Thus, under certain circumstances, a second tractor is not required during the transport assignment and the cargo can be shunted into position at the final destination even in confined spaces.

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