Foley Inc. Receives $110K Matching Training Grant

Wed December 15, 2004 - Northeast Edition

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has awarded a new $110,404 grant to Foley Inc., the Caterpillar dealer in northern NJ, Staten Island and Bermuda, to train its workers so they can compete in the new economy, Commissioner Kevin P. McCabe announced Oct. 26.

Raritan Valley Community College and Engine City Technical Institute will provide various training courses in machine electronics, advanced excavator diagnostics, electronic engine controls, compact construction equipment and time management.

McCabe said the department is working with higher education institutions, business, labor and local community organizations to make good investments in businesses and workers.

“The Department of Labor and Workforce Development is focusing on training today’s workers by providing the skills that will be in demand tomorrow, so that our state is poised to be a leader in providing a highly skilled and highly trained workforce to the business community,” McCabe said.

Customized training grants are matching grants awarded to New Jersey businesses to provide training to the company’s workforce in skills specifically needed to increase productivity and marketability. The grants, awarded through the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, are funded through the Workforce Development Partnership Program.

“Foley Incorporated is committed to continual improvement, and this grant greatly increases our ability to provide training to our employees in the areas of technology and values-based leadership,” said Susan Connolly, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Foley Inc. “Today, the complexity of the equipment rivals that of some of the first computers in the space program. So our mechanics are no longer only turning wrenches … they’re electronically diagnosing problems and must be more computer savvy than ever before.”

Since 2002, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development has provided more than $59 million to train over 102,000 workers through training grant programs.

The state government has made job creation and workforce development the keys to making New Jersey’s economy the strongest in the nation.

Since September 2003, employment has expanded by 68,800. New Jersey has now reached its all-time peak in employment and has an unemployment rate that has been below the national average for 17 consecutive months.

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