Foley Inc. to Host N.J. Energy Master Plan Conference

Fri June 05, 2009 - Northeast Edition

Foley Incorporated will host an educational conference focused on the New Jersey Energy Master Plan and the application of Combined Heating and Power (CHP) on June 10th, 2009, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Double Tree Hotel & Executive Meeting Center in Somerset, N.J.

Industrial, institutional and commercial energy consumers, as well as energy engineers, developers and others interested parties will learn about the N.J. Energy Master Plan and its goal to build at least 1,500 megawatts of energy efficient CHP by 2020. Speakers from the N.J. Board of Public Utilities, consulting engineering firms, project developers, end-users, and equipment manufacturers will provide an overview and strategies for the design, construction and operation of CHP facilities.

CHP project financing alternatives will be highlighted, such as funding from the N.J. Retail Margin Fund, U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Investment Tax Credits and more. Additionally, there will be case studies and roundtable Q&A discussions featuring CHP facilities already operating in New Jersey.

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