Gehl Introduces New Online Whole Goods Order Entry System

Sat May 02, 2009 - National Edition

Gehl Company has added the whole goods online order entry system to the dealer portal. Gehl dealers will now have the ability to place orders for wholegoods and accessories with a simple click of the mouse. This new tool has many advantages, some of which include:


• Place wholegoods orders 24/7/365.

• Save templates/carts and place duplicate orders quickly.

• Print order confirmations at any time.


• View all placed orders, including pricing and configuration.

Accuracy and Efficiency

• No need to copy stock numbers onto order sheets and fax or email the order.

• Place the order on the Gehl dealer portal.

Additional discounts

• Dealers receive their Quantity Order Discount (QOD) on all accessories ordered separate from machine orders.

The start-up kit each dealership will receive includes a user manual containing all the information needed to successfully place wholegoods orders using the Gehl dealer portal. The user manual includes step-by-step instructions for placing wholegoods orders online, frequently asked questions, and a list of guidelines to help dealerships avoid troubles when placing wholegoods orders online.

For more information, call 800/628-0491 or visit