’Green Machines’ Keep Sims Bros. Out of Red, in Black

Sat June 19, 2004 - Midwest Edition

As a second-generation family business, Sims Bros. Inc. is a company that knows all about working with “tried and true” solutions. So it should really come as no surprise that the recycling company’s latest equipment acquisition is a Sennebogen material handler.

Although the “green machines” are relatively new to North American recyclers, Sennebogen also is a second-generation family business with global experience in purpose-built heavy lifting equipment.

That history helped Sims Bros. make the decision to buy its first 835 M green machine. Since then, however, the company has expanded its Sennebogen fleet to five machines, all based on “tried and true” performance in its own yard.

The company that began with Donald and Carl Sims collecting scrap in a wagon in the 1920s now operates more than 300 pieces of equipment processing more than 300 million lbs. (1.4 million kg) of assorted material annually. Sims Bros. remains in the family today, directed by Gary and Larry Sims and their sister Connie Horne.

The decision to consider Sennebogen started with the Sims’ Vice President of Ferrous Operations Jim Macalouso. The material handlers in the yard then were past their prime and no longer able to produce competitively. Macalouso arranged a demo for an 835 M Sennebogen.

The 835 M came equipped with a long boom that could work a large magnet. The added capacity and longer reach translated into shorter cycle times and increased productivity.

“We keep exact records on every piece of equipment. If it cannot produce because of age or hours, then the decision to buy is easy. The tough decision is to choose the right one,” said Macalouso.

That decision wasn’t his alone but it was easy to get consensus among the owners, managers and operators. Operators loved the comfort and responsiveness of the new Sennebogen hydraulic cab. Maintenance staff appreciated its simplicity of design and ground-level access. For management, the numbers told the story.

“If the numbers didn’t work, we wouldn’t have bought the first one, much less standardize our fleet on Sennebogen. Our units now have increased reach and pick more. Loading trucks and rail cars is a breeze, and with the improved visibility and comfort, operators are able to work that much better. At the end of the day, with a faster cycle time, we ended up with three extra hours of productivity,” said Macalouso.

The Sims operation found that the 835 M will outlift any other machine in its class. At 88,000 lbs. (39,916 kg), the rubber-tired machines move quickly on both paved and unpaved portions of the yard. An added value is improved fuel economy.

Other wheeled machines in the Sennebogen North American product line-up include the 825 M, a 63,300-lb. (28,712 kg) machine with 29,100-lbs. (13,199 kg) lift capacity, and the 870 M, weighing 154,300 lbs. (70,000 kg) for a lift capacity up to 61,070 lbs. (27,701 kg).

For more information, call 877/309-0099 or visit www.sennebogen-na.com.