GreyStone’s Screen Tower Allows Producers to Go Portable

Tue September 16, 2008 - National Edition

GreyStone Inc., based in Columbus, Neb., offers a new fully portable self-erecting screen tower for sand, gravel and aggregate producers that move classifying equipment from site to site at least once per year. The screen tower, which uses a horizontal, vibrating three-deck wet screen, is a flexible alternative to permanent and stackable screen supports, according to the manufacturer.

The screen tower eliminates costs and production losses due to inactivity of some permanent screens and assembly and take down time for stackable screen supports. GreyStone’s portable self-erecting screen tower takes less than two days to tear down and set up and can easily be moved via semi-tractor, allowing producers with a portable classification tank to utilize a completely portable classifying system. It can act as a primary screen for operations that screen 6-in. (15 cm) minus material or as a secondary or tertiary screen for plants that screen larger material. Fed by either a dredge or conveyor, it feeds material 0.18-in. (0.5 cm) minus into a classifying tank and stockpiles up to three material sizes from the three decks for further processing.

GreyStone’s portable self-erecting screen tower is raised and lowered at the touch of a button, using a winch-driven system with pulleys to move the tower up and down. It is available in custom screen sizes up to 6- by 20-ft. (1.8 by 6 m); heights range from less than 14 ft. (4.3 m) in the low position up to a maximum height customized to each specific operation. Actual production depends on the feed and a material being processed, but producers can expect rates to be the same as permanent and stackable screens.

It is constructed of ASTM A36 certified structural steel with walkways along both sides for safety.

The portable self-erecting screen tower complements GreyStone’s current line of portable classification tanks and conveyors, but also can be easily customized to fit any operation.

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