Hayden-Murphy Equipment Achieves 60-Year Milestone

Thu December 28, 2017 - Midwest Edition #26

Hayden-Murphy Equipment, a leading distributor of Manitowoc Cranes, is celebrating its 60th year in the crane and lifting business. The Minneapolis-based company has witnessed significant changes in lifting technology over the years, embracing each advancement. In fact, the company was one of the first to offer Grove's GHC telescoping crawler cranes to customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota in 2015. In addition to an extensive line of Grove machines, Hayden-Murphy also offers a full roster of Manitowoc cranes.

Hayden-Murphy has made a name for itself since its founding in 1957 by providing its customers with quality equipment backed by industry-leading aftermarket service. But according to Len Kirk, president and CEO of Hayden-Murphy, the reason for the company's longevity has as much to do with people as with products.

“We've achieved 60 years in business because we're committed to taking care of our customers,” he said. “Many of our clients would view Hayden-Murphy as not just their dealer, but a business partner and friend. People don't purchase cranes out of a catalogue. It's the dedication to customer support that creates opportunity. We've placed a high premium on that philosophy, and it has served us well.”

For more information on Hayden-Murphy, visit www.hayden-murphy.com.

For more information on Manitowoc Cranes, visit www.manitowoc.com.