Hendrick Construction Inc. Finishes Carowinds Coaster

Tue March 30, 2010 - Southeast Edition

Hendrick Construction Inc. conquered the twists and turns of Carowinds’ newest ride that will thrill adventure seekers this summer. The general contractor has completed the NASCAR-themed Intimidator — the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in the Southeast.

The ride is named for NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt and features a 5,316-ft. track with a 232-ft. peak and multiple drops and twists that reach speeds exceeding 75 mph. Hendrick Construction installed the infrastructure, including the control, electrical and piping systems, as well as the track’s foundations, which are supported by 241 caissons with 240,000 lbs. of rebar and 375,000 lbs. of concrete.

“The Intimidator has changed the landscape for roller coasters in the Southeast, and it will certainly draw visitors from across the region to Carowinds,” said Roger Hendrick, president of Hendrick Construction. “We’re proud to be part of this project.”

Hendrick also built the NASCAR-themed amenities, including the waiting area and queue line, as well as a plaza with checkered-flag pavers and a tunnel for guests to pass through.

“Intimidator has been one of the most anticipated new roller coasters in the world for 2010 — and for good reason,” said Carowinds spokesman Don Helbig. “It has all the elements that make for a great ride — height, speed, incredible airtime and terrific theming. Hendrick Construction was outstanding to work with on this project.”

Hendrick Construction also built Carowinds’ Carolina Cobra, which opened in 2009.

For more information, visit www.hendrickconstruction.com.