Hi-Way Wins 2007 Samurai Award

Thu September 04, 2008 - West Edition

Kawasaki congratulates Hi-Way Equipment Company Inc. for winning the 2007 Samurai Award.

The Samurai Award is awarded to distributors based on their ability to meet and exceed sales goals, and to distributors ranked in the top ten.

The award consists of a plaque, which holds two samurai swords; the long sword referred to as the “Daito” and the short sword “Shoto.”

Mounted together these swords represent the “Daisho.” Only the Samurai or higher ranking officials in Japanese culture could wear the “Daisho.” Therefore, the value of a “Daisho” is greater than all other swords.

The Samurai Award honors those distributors which have achieved the highest level of proficiency in the representation of Kawasaki wheel loaders. Once a dealer earns the Samurai Award plaque they may earn the Quota Achievers Award or the Top Ten Award.

A medallion is added to the award engraved with the award and the year in which they earned it.

For more information on Kawasaki, visit www.kawasakiloaders.com.

For more information on Hi-Way Equipment, visit www.hi-wayequipment.com.