Hoffman International Delivers Doosan Excavator to Russia

Fri February 15, 2008 - Northeast Edition

Hoffman International, a Doosan and Bay Shore Systems dealer in Piscataway, N.J., delivered a Doosan Solar 370 excavator equipped with a Bay Shore Systems LoDrill HTFB-24 to Sochi, Russia, the home of the 2014 Olympic Games.

Hoffman shipped the Doosan excavator and Bay Shore Systems drill from opposite sides of the world and married the two together on-site in Sochi, Russia.

A Doosan excavator was chosen as the base machine so that Hoffman could provide the customer with a single source of spare parts and product support for the entire unit. Matched up with the Bay Shore Systems LoDrill, that can drill to a depth of more than 75 ft. (23 m) with minimal height clearance, the unit is a versatile foundation drilling machine performing well in both urban and mountainous areas with all types of soil conditions including clay, sand, hard earth and rock, according to the manufacturer.

Hoffman’s Doosan Solar 370 equipped with the Bay Shore LoDrill has been put to work drilling foundations for resorts and residential areas in the town of Krasnaja Polijana (the future Olympic village) and for the installation of new ski lifts up in the mountains above Sochi.

This is the second Bay Shore Systems LoDrill Hoffman has sold to this customer.