Hyundai Sends Aid to Philippines Typhoon Victims

Mon November 25, 2013 - National Edition

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, Hyundai Construction Equipment’s parent company, recently made a donation of $200,000 via the Korean Red Cross in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, which caused catastrophic damage to the Philippines. The company also dispatched a 21-ton (19 t) class excavator, a backhoe loader and experienced operators to the area to assist in recovery efforts.

“We express our deep condolences to the victims of the typhoon,” said Mr. Lee Jai-Seong, Hyundai Heavy’s president and CEO. “We will provide as much assistance as we can in order to help the victims reclaim their normal lives.”

This aid effort is in line with the support rendered for several other recent natural disasters in Brazil, Japan, China and Haiti.