Indeco Expands HP Series With Largest Hydraulic Breaker

Sun March 08, 2009 - National Edition

Indeco North America’s line of HP Series breakers has expanded to include the HP 25000. This breaker brings power and performance to rock breaking applications where hydraulic hammers previously could not be considered.

Prior to the HP 25000, the largest production breakers were in the 16000 ft./lb. class. If the application called for a larger hammer, blasting was required. To meet the increasing demand for a larger sized production breaker, Indeco designed and engineered a solution by producing the HP 25000.

At 10 ft. 10 in. (3.3 m) tall, the HP 25000 has an operating weight of 24,370 lbs. (11,054 kg) and an MBMB ft./lb. class rating of 25000. It can handle tools with diameters more than 10 in. (25.4 cm) and fits excavators weighing from 135,000 to 330,000 lbs. (61,235 to 149,685 kg). A hydraulic flow of 110 to 137 gpm (416 to 519 Lpm) and up to 2600 psi provide high impact strikes ranging from 240 to 460 blows per minute.

The new HP 25000 is not only powerful, but efficient, boasting Indeco’s intelligent variable speed and power system, which senses the hardness of the material being broken and automatically adjusts the force per blow for optimal hydraulic efficiency. The breaker’s mounting bracket is compatible with the Indeco HP 16000’s, enabling the same carrier to accept two distinct breakers with minimal downtime.

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