Indeco Introduces IRC Rotary Head Cutter Attachments

Sat September 15, 2007 - National Edition

Indeco North America has added the IRC Series rotary cutting head to its line of non-impact demolition attachments. The Indeco rotary cutting head is a compact tool that can handle different types of trenching and demolition jobs.

The rotary cutting head is the right tool for jobs where materials are too soft for a hydraulic breaker or too hard for a bucket to be used.

The rotary cutting head is designed to be directly mounted on an excavator and can be used to loosen hardened or frozen soil prior to digging or to excavate small trenches in rock. It also can be used for tearing down buildings, underwater demolition and demolition and construction jobs including stripping and redevelopment, roadwork, tunnels, wall profiling and other special tasks.

With minimal excess material, it will save time and money on removal and backfill when work is complete, according to the manufacturer.

There are three different IRC models in the rotary cutting head line — IRC 800, IRC 1000 and IRC 2000 for excavators weighing between 15 and 50 tons (13.6 to 45 t).

The rotary cutting head has specially designed tungsten carbide cutter teeth that are each mounted at a specific angle to rotate in their holders for minimal wear and tear. The holders are situated such that the teeth can easily be removed and replaced.

Indeco manufactures a wide range of attachments that are compatible for use with excavators available in North America. They offer a complete line of heavy-duty breakers, pulverizers, plate compactors, grapples and now, a line of rotary cutting heads.

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