ACS Industries

The progressive EZLink thumb offered by ACS Industries provides thumb rotation as well as a reduced thumb tuck dimension while still allowing full cylinder clamping forces. The EZLink Thumb uses a universal style linkage that results in one-third of the installation time required for a traditional progressive thumb.

ACS Industries Inc, headquartered in Kent, OH, was awarded a $14 million contract in June of 2005 from the United States Marine Corps for up to 500 Asbury 4-in-1 buckets and 500 hydraulically adjustable forks, both coupler equipped to facilitate rapid changeover of attachments.

When it really comes down to it, safety is Joe Zeno’s top priority. Sure, the president of ACS Industries Inc., originally known as American Coupler Systems, in Kent, OH, is looking to make a profit, but not if it means putting his employees or his customers in a dangerous situation.