Progressive EZLink Thumb Available From ACS Industries

Tue January 13, 2009 - National Edition

The progressive EZLink thumb offered by ACS Industries provides thumb rotation as well as a reduced thumb tuck dimension while still allowing full cylinder clamping forces.

The EZLink Thumb uses a universal style linkage that results in one-third of the installation time required for a traditional progressive thumb. The existing bucket linkage on the machine does not need to be removed or modified for installation. The EZLink thumb has a universal linkage design that features standardized wear parts and shorter pins for better parts interchangeability, availability and durability.

EZlink thumbs are available for machines ranging from 8.8 to 55 tons (8 to 50 t) and fit many of the shorter OEM sticks available. The thumb is available with either smooth or serrated style teeth and can be built around other manufacturers’ buckets.

The progressive EZLink thumb can be purchased as part turn-key package of attachments including ACS buckets, rakes, couplers and hydraulic activation kits to maximize the efficiency of any excavator.

ACS Industries can supply products from facilities in Arlington, Washington, or Kent, Ohio.