Badger Equipment of Winona, Minn., a division of Manitex International, re-entered the crane market this year with 20 and 30 ton (18 and 27.2 t) cab-down style rough terrain cranes. Badger Equipment offers the CD4430 30-ton capacity, the CD4430R 30-ton capacity with high rail gear and the CD4420 20-ton capacity cranes.

Badger Equipment unveiled and demonstrated Manitex International’s new rough-terrain crane to numerous dealers and customers at its facility in Winona, Minn., on Sept. 9. This product, and the entire product line, will continue to be sold under Badger’s existing brand names.

In the 1960s, a group of civil engineering students had what everyone else thought was a crazy idea. They would take a building material nearly everyone was familiar with, concrete, and use it in an extraordinary way: they would design, build and race a canoe made of concrete.