Rick Royals is about to add another Marini milling machine to his fleet. Royals, vice president and owner of Royals Contracting Inc., has been a customer of Marini America for more than a year and is putting together an extensive inventory of Marini equipment.

Tracey Road Equipment, headquartered in Syracuse, NY, recently brought on two new equipment lines — Marini milling machines and Schwarze Industries sweepers. The Marini MP 1000 and MP 1300 track-mounted milling machines feature wide-section tracks that reduce pressure to the ground, limiting the risk of sinking when passing over water ducts or drains. “The Marini line will offer our central and upstate New York customers and municipalities with a great product that will help them with a wide range of milling projects,” said Marty West, sales manager of Tracey Road. West also expects the Schwarze mechanical M6000 power sweeper and the A4000 regenerative air-powered sweeper to be a good fit for Tracey’s customers. “Both of these models will satisfy municipalities with their street sweeping and contractors for cleanup on their projects,” he said, adding that both the M6000 and A4000 will be available to all contractors and municipalities in St.

Last year, when Steve Krol, of A.F. Damon Company Inc., looked over his work schedule and considered which upcoming projects he should bid on, he knew that milling jobs would require a lot more thought than other types of work. For milling, he’d need to get pricing from area competitors that do paving and milling work.

Chip Reid, president of Reid Paving of Gilbertsville, PA, has always counted on subcontractors to do his milling work. The difficulties and delays in scheduling prevented him from lining up his paving crews on a timely basis. Efficiency and profitability both suffered. Since purchasing a MP1300 cold planer, he now has control over each job from start to finish.

Chester County Milling and Paving operates three pieces of Marini equipment. With both an MP1300 and an MP2000 planer in its fleet, President Nick Chilla now has opportunities to take on more jobs of various sizes. Chilla has set up his company with the capability to do the reconstructive paving work that will be the standard for years to come.