Pro-Tec Equipment

Installing a new baggage system in a confined space over decades' worth of infrastructure at one of the Midwest's busiest airports could have been a formidable task if not for the combined know-how of Sheehy Construction, Kamish Excavating, Gary Carlson Equipment and a team of industry specialists.

The Pro-Tec Equipment panel puller is a 90-ton (81.6 t) hydraulic slide rail panel extraction system. Designed to enable either direct connection to an excavator's auxiliary hydraulic system or an external power pack that provides 5,000 psi to enable maximum pulling force, the Panel Puller delivers enough force to extract slide rail panels.

On July 14, 2017, Trinity Shoring Products, Inc., through a subsidiary, acquired all substantial assets of Efficiency Production Inc. Trinity will continue to operate the 46-year-old trench shielding and shoring manufacturer under their primary name, Efficiency Production.

Pro-Tec Equipment is now offering a hydraulic sheeting and bracing system called The Pro-Brace power system. This hydraulic brace system is ideal for large cast-in-place projects, such as bridge footing and pump stations, along with large tank installations, soil remediations, boring and receiving projects, according to the manufacturer.

Pro-Tec Equipment has moved its retail operation in East Mich. from Taylor, Mich. to Westland, Mich. The new location can be found at 33100 Beechwood St., Westland, Mich. Moving of equipment began on Oct. 15, 2012. This new location is centrally located in a stand-alone building.

De Sal Excavating, located in Zeeland, Mich., was challenged with installing an 8.5 ft. (2.6 m) O.D. lift station in the middle of an active parking lot and driveway at the Michigan Turkey Producers plant in Wyoming, Mich. Fortunately, they turned to Pro-Tec Equipment, a producer of trench shoring and shielding equipment, to assist them with this particular challenge.