Recycling & Processing Equipment

David Simmons started out in 1986 with a front-end loader that he'd use for small lot clearing jobs and various agricultural work. He worked for himself and took on one job at a time. "I was right out of high school with one front-end loader," Simmons said.

Jason R. Porter has been attacking his work days lately by getting away from the desk and linking back up with his crews in the field conducting tree removal operations. Treeworks Inc. a TCIA accredited company based in west Michigan, took delivery of a new Sennebogen 718 in October of 2019.

McCloskey International has expanded its mobile solutions with a new product range: shredders. The McCloskey VTS95 is the first product to makes its debut for the new Recycling Division. Designed for maximum performance and high productivity, the VTS95 tracked primary shredder is capable of effectively shredding virtually any type of material from solid waste, industrial and commercial waste to bulk waste.

Metso is introducing a unique drag and drop 3D crushing and screening plant configurator that enables professionals in the mining and aggregate industries to design more productive and efficient plants through real-time insights. The design and simulation tool, called My Plant Planner, is available on and is free for anyone to use.

Never before has local support been as important, and Terex Washing Systems and its global dealer network has the ability to continue to provide vital "on the ground local support" during these unprecedented times. As international travel will continue to be disrupted for a considerable period of time, this local assistance, offered in conjunction with Terex's "Remote Support Technical Team" of experts, means Terex can offer support to any washing operation, ensuring you can continue to operate, maximize your uptime and production, according to the manufacturer.

Steel production is a vast, complex and highly integrated process. From the delivery of scrap, to smelting, loading finished material, to processing slag, each component depends on the others to function seamlessly and continuously. In Meitingen, Germany, Max Aicher Umwelt (MAU) processes slag from the furnaces of the nearby Lech-Stahlwerke mill.

Delivering the power and reliability required for the most demanding material handling applications in scrap and millyard operations, the new Cat MH3040 builds on the successful legacy of the M325D L MH model. The boom, sticks and other high-stress areas feature thick, multiplate fabrications, castings and forgings to withstand wear and deliver years of durable operation.

There's no time for downtime at JSC Aluminium Alloys, one of the largest aluminum alloy producers in Russia. Operating conditions at the mill are challenging and the three material handlers that take on most of the site's loading and logistics tasks are on the run around the clock.

According to the state of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency "street sweepings are materials such as sand, salt, leaves and debris removed from city streets, parking lots and sidewalks to prevent these materials from being washed into storm sewers and surface waters, and is done to improve the appearance of public roadways." Regarding reusing street sweepings, the same report states that "test results have shown street sweepings from normal sweeping operations are safe and acceptable for reuse in many areas." The state mandated that unless street sweepings had the organics and trash removed from the aggregates, the street sweepings could not be reused and had to be disposed of in an approved landfill.

Hartford, Conn.'s, Mike Randazzo and Louis Sanzaro both grew up in the construction industry: Randazzo in the new home construction and excavating sector and Sanzaro in landscaping. Following stints in the U.S. Marine Corp — Randazzo served from 2010 to 2014 with a deployment to Afghanistan while Sanzaro served from 1999 to 2003 during the invasion on Iraq — the two decided to start a business.

Founded as a not-for-profit venture to raise charity funds through scrap recycling, Recycling Lives has emerged as one of England's leading players in the scrap market. Now operating 19 material collection and processing sites throughout the UK, its flagship is the head office location in Preston, Lancashire.