Ingersoll Rand Debuts Tramac SC-50 Hydraulic Breaker

Tue July 03, 2007 - National Edition

Ingersoll Rand has expanded its line of hydraulic demolition attachments with the introduction of the Tramac SC-50 breaker.

With an operating weight of 1,102 lbs. (500 kg) and an operating pressure of 1,881 psi (130 bar), the Tramac SC-50 fits carriers from 14,000 to 30,000 lbs. (6,350 to 13,608 kg). The Tramac SC-50 has an impact energy class of 1,500 ft.-lbs., with impact frequencies ranging from 680 to 1,140 blows per minute.

Two strong retaining pins and locks keep the bushing and the tool in place. The automatic pressure regulator feature ensures constant energy with every blow. The Tramac SC-50 also makes for a quieter job site with a fully enclosed, reinforced and dampened cradle. This cradle reduces noise and vibrations that can be transferred back to the carrier.

The SC-50 breaker has fewer moving parts than other breakers and no tie rods to remove. If needed, the breakers can be disassembled quickly without special tools. In addition, the bushings, pins and tool can be removed without taking the breaker off the carrier, reducing maintenance time and cost. The wear items are field-replaceable so the breaker can function with less downtime.

An air pressurization kit is available for the Ingersoll Rand Tramac SC-50 breaker for underwater applications. Ingersoll Rand also offers a full range of tools for use on the breaker.