In 2005, Tramac Corporation transferred its rights to the usage of the trademark and brand "Tramac" for hydraulic breakers and other demolition equipment to the parent company of Montabert, the French manufacturer of Tramac hydraulic breakers. As of March 2014, all Montabert made products will be sold in North America under the Montabert trademark and brand.

Tramac by Montabert recently recognized several integral partners in the industry, including Tractor and Equipment Company, which received the Top Dealer Award of Excellence for 2012. Presenting the award on behalf of Tramac by Montabert was Stephane Giroudon (3rd from L), business manager.

The Tramac by Montabert brand continues to see growth in an ever changing industry. As a result, the company has increased production capabilities to meet consumer demand with a new facility in Lake City, Ga. The “Hammer Centre of Excellence” boasts of 27,000-sq.-ft.

Tramac has a new hydraulic breaker line called the “N-Series.” “The N-Series breaker is designed and assembled by Montabert, renowned for their innovative engineering and quality standards. Combine that with Asian economies of scale, and we’ve got a really robust and well-priced hammer,” said John Sad, Tramac product manager.

MuscleMate, a Tramac Corporation brand, has a new line of hydraulic powered magnets. The TMAG series of magnets are available in four sizes ranging from 770 to 6,600 lbs. (349 to 2,994 kg) with flow ranges of 4 to 12 gpm (15 to 45 Lpm). The TMAG can be installed on any type of carrier that has a hydraulic source available.

DII Attachments has relocated the Tramac and Geith customer service teams, formerly located in Philadelphia, Pa., and Petersburg, Va., to the new facility in Statesville, N.C. The new team combines the experience and knowledge of both Tramac and Geith, bringing a variety of industry knowledge.

Tramac Corporation’s MuscleMate Super Cosmo pulverizer/magnet offers powerful pulverizing with the added benefit of a built-in magnet with lifting capacity in excess of 9,000 lbs. (4,000 kg). Various models are available for carriers ranging from 10 to 45 tons (9 to 41 t).

In an effort to better serve their customers, the Geith and Tramac business has consolidated the sales, marketing, manufacturing and customer service functions in to a new facility located in Statesville, N.C. “This facility will allow us to react better to customer requests by having decision makers, support personnel and operations under the same roof” said Joe Forth, general manager.

The world was a different place in 1908 when businessman Robert E. Brandeis founded Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company in Louisville, Kentucky. The United States consisted of only 46 states. Men like Frederick Cook and Robert Peary were trying to tame a new frontier: the North Pole.

Hard work has always been the foundation for the American Dream and the underlying theme for every success story throughout this country’s history. Roland Machinery (RMC) is one of these stories. For the past half-century, the Roland family has worked relentlessly to become a major player in the Midwest equipment distribution market.

Tramac has released the V2500 into its line of heavy-range hydraulic breakers. The V2500 is designed for demolition, excavation, rock breaking and trenching. The V2500 is for carriers from 59,500 to 88,200 lbs. (27 to 40 t) and has an operating weight of 5,555 lbs.