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Innovation, Intelligence, Mark Hamm Introductions at ConExpo-Con/AGG2017

Fri March 17, 2017 - National Edition

Hamm HD+ 120 VO
Articulated tandem roller with vibratory and oscillating drum
Hamm HD+ 120 VO Articulated tandem roller with vibratory and oscillating drum
Hamm HD+ 120 VO
Articulated tandem roller with vibratory and oscillating drum HD 10 VT
Articulated combi roller with vibratory drum. Hamm DV+ 70i VO-S roller. Hamm GRW 180i-10
Rubber wheeled roller. Hamm H10i roller.

At ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017, Hamm showed new asphalt and soil compactors that will boost contractor productivity and profitability via unique product innovations and intelligent operation.

A highlight for asphalt construction will be the DV+ Series of pivot-steered tandem rollers, which feature the new and quick-to-learn Easy Drive operating concept. Also shown in Las Vegas was the next generation of the HD+ Series tandem rollers, featuring Easy Drive and new engines. Updated H-Series soil compactors were shown with new engines and the new operating concept, and a brand-new model, the H10i, was exhibited. New models for the HD Compact Line were introduced as well.

Hamm also displayed innovations in the area of measurement and documentation technology: With WITOS HCQ, it will be possible in the future to transmit data directly from the roller in real time for analysis using the VETA software.

The most important Hamm compaction innovations at ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017 were:

  • DV+ Series tandem asphalt rollers, the premium product for asphalt compaction
  • Easy Drive operating concept, available for asphalt and soil rollers
  • HD+ Series tandem rollers, with new models with Tier 4 and Easy Drive
  • HD CompactLine Series compact rollers, featuring new combi roller and Tier IV engines
  • H Series soil compactors, with new model for North America in the 84-in. class.
  • GRW 180i rubber-tired roller, new in the up-to-18 ton class
  • WITOS HCQ: Process optimization for compaction monitoring

DV+ Series Tandem Rollers: The Premium Class for Asphalt Compaction

The DV+ Series tandem asphalt rollers from Hamm are trendsetters in every respect. At ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017, Hamm gave the first ever demonstrations in North America of the pivot-steered 7.7 ton (7 t) DV+ 70i VO-S roller, featuring vibration with split drum and exclusive Hamm Oscillation compaction.

The DV+ Series is available in three models: with double vibration (VV), with one vibration and one oscillation drum (VO), and as a combi roller (VT). All models are available in a ROPS version or with a fully tinted panoramic cab. Both versions feature outstanding visibility: At all times, the driver enjoys an excellent view of the drum edges, the edge pressing and cutting equipment, as well as and the construction site. In addition, viewing panes in the cab floor ensure that the driver can always see the rollers or wheels. And the Easy Drive operating concept provides top-class ergonomics and comfort in the cab.

Due to their modern engines (Tier IV with 54.6 kW / 73.2 HP) and high-efficiency diesel particulate filters, the new asphalt rollers satisfy the restrictive exhaust gas specifications of the North American markets. The large water and diesel tanks enable high productivity over long work intervals. The filling process is extremely user-friendly, due especially to a safe and extremely quick water-filling system that operates from ground level via a pressurized supply as standard.

The mechanical technology of the DV+ ensures the highest compaction quality. The reasons are diverse: First, the DV+ operates with split vibration drums as standard. Secondly, its pivot steering with large turning angles and enormous track offset provides for extremely sensitive steering in four different steering modes. This is complemented by even and constant weight distribution, as well as automatic reversing with special soft ramps for gentle acceleration and braking. The synergy between these characteristics results in the smoothest possible asphalt layers, even in tight curves.

Easy Drive Operating Concept: Available for Asphalt and Soil Rollers

Hamm developed the new and series-compatible Easy Drive operating concept to fulfill a vision of roller operation that is modern, easy-to-learn, and continually safe. It aids the driver with self-explanatory, logical user guidance.

Easy Drive was first included in the DV+ series of tandem asphalt rollers and is now also available in HD+ series tandem asphalt rollers with Tier IV engines, as well as in the H-Series of soil compactors. Its principal components are the clearly arranged instrument panel with steering wheel and a multifunctional armrest with joystick and push-button switches, used to access the most main functions. The Easy Drive system also includes a fully adjustable seat. Just like the steering column with instrument panel, it can be individually adjusted so that drivers can quickly find a healthy and ergonomically sound seating position, whatever their physiques.

Another special feature of Easy Drive is its operating structure. A steering wheel is used for steering, but all other important functions are operated via the joystick and the multifunction armrest. Here, the driver is able to see all the keys on the joystick. The operating elements are arranged around the joystick in such a way that the more frequently an element is used, the closer its position. Operation is designed to be entirely language-neutral. Hamm uses color coding to achieve unambiguous assignment of the elements and a clear overview.

The Easy Drive operating concept has already won numerous internationally recognized design awards.

HD+ Series Tandem Rollers: New Models With Tier IV and Easy Drive

Hamm also has something new to offer in the area of articulated tandem rollers, as all models in the HD+ series are now available with Tier-IV engines. In addition, all models with a drum width of 66-in. or higher come with the Easy Drive operating concept as standard. And because all machines follow the same operating philosophy, the shift from one Hamm roller to a different model is always extremely simple.

HD Compact Line Series Compact Rollers: New Combi Roller and Tier IV Engines

In 2017, Hamm will be expanding the HD CompactLine of compact tandem asphalt rollers with articulated compactors with a "wasp" waist that enhances visibility and operation. Also new is the combi roller in the 2.75-ton (2.5 t) / 39-in. (99 cm) class, the HD10C VT. The "C" in the name stands for "Clear Side", for this roller can compact all the way up to walls and other high boundaries. Due to the inwardly offset suspension of the drums, maneuvering is safely possible in any position.

The HD10 and HD12 models also feature new innovations. As of now, they are specially adapted for the United States with engines that meet national emission standards.

In the near future, Hamm will be equipping the largest models in the HD CompactLine, the HD13i and HD14i, with new engine and exhaust technology. With powerful 36.8 kW (49.3 hp) engines, these compact rollers fulfil all the requirements of Tier IV, enabling them to be used anywhere in the United States without restriction. Both the HD 13i and HD 14i are available with two vibration drums (VV), with one vibration and one oscillating drum (VO), or as combi roller with a vibration drum (VT).

H-Series Soil Compactors: New Models for North America in the 84-In. Class

Hamm has manufactured a complete line of high-performance drum compactors for years in the form of the H series. From 2017, all machines in the series will fulfill the requirements of the EPA Tier IV exhaust emission regulations.

The H 10i in the 84-in. class is entirely new for the North American market. This compactor is available with smooth or padfoot drum. Moreover, with an output of 85 kW (113 hp) and weight of 23,990 lbs (10 t), it's extremely versatile.

All H-Series compactors come with 3-point pivot articulation, which ensures outstanding driving and handling characteristics, and is popular around the world. In addition, all new Hamm compactors feature the Easy Drive operating concept, making them extremely simple to operate, with ergonomically optimized working positions that ensure outstanding visibility. Every manual operation is apparent from the arrangement of the operating elements and the layout of the driver's cab. In addition, drivers can easily adjust the seat to their own weight and size. In short: the drivers are able to operate the compactors quickly and without extended training, and can thus work more effectively. This helps to promote a safe working environment.

To enable optimal adaptation to customer requirements, Hamm has included numerous useful options in its compactor portfolio, including telematics interface, electronic battery master switch, automatic engine stop control, padfoot drum, dozer blade, VIO vibration-oscillation drum version, and the special combiscraper.

GRW 180i Rubber-Wheeled Rollers: New in the Class up to 18 Tons

Hamm also has something new in store in the rubber-tired or pneumatic roller sector, the GRW180i. The rubber-wheeled roller is available in four versions with different basic weights: GRW180i-10, GRW180i-12H, GRW180i-15 and GRW180i-20. Depending on the model, the GRW180i can be ballasted with up to 18 metric tons (39,700 lbs). The rollers work with a 219-cubic inch (3.6-litre) turbo diesel engine from Deutz, including DOC system. This delivers 73 hp (55.4 kW) of power and fulfills Tier 4 emissions regulations.

A unique feature of the rollers is their variable ballasting concept. The ballast space can be loaded and unloaded with ease. Here, Hamm provides a range of ready-made weights. Operators also have the option of filling specially shaped containers with loose materials, enabling each roller to be set up precisely for the asphalt type, layer thickness and application.

WITOS HCQ: Process Optimization for Compaction Monitoring

WITOS HCQ is a useful complement to the HCQ Navigator, Hamm's versatile measurement and documentation system for asphalt and soil compaction.

In the basic version, the satellite-based system gathers all important compaction parameters, as well as the progress of individual or multiple rollers during compaction. For this purpose, the HCQ Navigator generates a real-time compaction map, making it possible to see at a glance the areas which have already been sufficiently compacted, and those which require further compaction.

The HCQ Navigator records the data generated during the process. Previously, this data was transferred via a USB stick to an office computer for backup at the end of a working day or partial project. With WITOS HCQ, this process step is now carried out using an online tool. The advantage: no more need to use any USB sticks. And transferring data has never been quicker and more secure, due to WITOS HCQ. The software is very easy to use, as the most important functions can be called up with a single click.

Also, with WITOS HCQ, the data are accessible anywhere in the world, even during the compaction process. For projects in North America, the WITOS HCQ system from Hamm features the option of exporting data in real time for the VETA analysis software.

Data transmission is conducted wirelessly via the WITOS portal of the Wirtgen Group. An impact and vibration-protected SIM card is mounted in the panel PC for this purpose. Data security is guaranteed throughout, as the communication server is located in Germany, where all data are professionally managed and stored.

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