JLG Announces Winner in LiftPod Giveaway

Mon January 18, 2010 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Byrd Reed, rescue captain at a Texas oil refinery, is the grand prize winner of a free LiftPod portable aerial work platform in JLG’s LiftPod giveaway.

The sweepstakes was held to raise awareness about safety in the workplace, particularly for maintenance and facility management jobs performed at heights. Reed submitted his sweepstakes entry with the goal of acquiring the LiftPod as a ladder replacement for a variety of maintenance and construction jobs that would give employees better stability and access.

“Employee safety is a core value of ours, and the LiftPod will be an excellent new resource to help improve risk management and worker efficiency throughout our refinery,” Reed said. “Anytime you’re working at heights, specifically at six feet and higher, reducing the risk of falls is a top priority. The LiftPod will help do just that.”

Ladders, scaffolding and fall protection routinely appear on OSHA’s top 10 most frequently cited standards, with all three making the 2009 list. The LiftPod provides a stable and secure environment for maintenance, repair and renovation jobs done up to 14 ft. (4.3 m) off the ground.

“The innovative JLG LiftPod fills a previously unmet need in the market for a tool that combines portability and stability in a lightweight work platform and at an affordable price,” said Chris Mellott, JLG Industries vice-president, sales and market development. “We are pleased to award this LiftPod and look forward to continue helping other workers improve safety and productivity with this unique product.”

The LiftPod, which won Gold in the 2009 International Design Excellence Awards, features a stable and enclosed platform that allows users to move about freely and work with both hands in a 360-degree range of motion. An attachable work tray holds tools and equipment for added convenience. The LiftPod is operated using a cordless 18-volt drill or optional power pack.

For more information, call 877/2-LIFTPOD or visit www.liftpod.com.

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