Junjin America Presents Updated Rock Commander Series-II of Drills

Mon May 14, 2018 - National Edition
Junjin America

The new and updated JD-1400E-II rock commander, known for its reliability and low-cost production, will have a larger Tier-IV Final engine, with improved efficiency and more horsepower. Junjin JD-1400E-II rock commander also will have a larger cabin and adjustable controls for operator's comfort and efficiency.

The reliable components will continue to be a part of the new series: Cummins engine, GHH-Rand air compressor, Kawasaki hydraulic pumps and Doosan Undercarriage, and the YH-135 drifter. Multiple unit users will continue with 100 percent parts back up from Junjin America, as all other components will remain the same. And as with current units, there are no onboard computers or expensive PLC units to fail and cost downtime. Simple system equals simple maintenance, and when there is a problem, trouble- shooting does not require a lap top and a technician, according to the manufacturer.

Junjin America also is introducing a cabin model of the 800 series. The JD-800E-II enclosed cabin unit will have heat and air conditioning, Tier-IV Final engine, bringing the 2 1⁄2 to 4 ft. class drill to new efficiency for the operator at a very reasonable cost to the owner. The JD-800E-II series rock commander will continue as the same reliable unit that was introduced in 2016, with an upgrade to Tier-IV Engine to comply with U.S. emissions. The 800 series is still offered with a variety of options and configurations in both the cab and non-cab versions. All other proven components will remain the same with the reliability of the YH-80A drifter.

Customers may pre-order the new and updated series of the Rock Commander JD-1400E-II and/or JD-800E-II by contacting Junjin America at 502/244.0004 or www.junjin.us.