Junjin America

Thirty-eight years ago, Larmee Equipment started serving the Midwest with rock drills, rock drill parts and accessories. The times have changed from selling simple air-track drills in the 1980s to designing and distributing a newcomer to the drilling scene — the Rock Commander series of drills.

Junjin America LLC has added the JD-800E-II to its Rock Commander drill lineup. As with Junjin America's other drills, the JD800E-II has a simple design and unmatched parts availability, according to the company. The universally-accepted Kawasaki hydraulic system is the heartbeat of this new product, coupled with an efficient 233CFM air compressor that is utilized all over the world.

The new and updated JD-1400E-II rock commander, known for its reliability and low-cost production, will have a larger Tier-IV Final engine, with improved efficiency and more horsepower. Junjin JD-1400E-II rock commander also will have a larger cabin and adjustable controls for operator's comfort and efficiency.

The Rock Commander line of rock drills from Junjin America continues its strong penetration in the North American drilling market. With many units working across the United States, and more units on the way, the Rock Commander line of drills is poised to be a major player in the near future, according to the company.