Komatsu Introduces D375A-6 Dozer

Fri September 04, 2009 - National Edition

The D375A-6 increases net engine output by 85 hp (63 kW) to 610 hp (454.7 kW) at 1800 RPM.
The D375A-6 increases net engine output by 85 hp (63 kW) to 610 hp (454.7 kW) at 1800 RPM.

Komatsu America Corp.’s D375A-6 crawler dozer, for use in mining and heavy construction applications, is powered by a highly efficient Komatsu SAA6D170E-5 engine with an operating weight of 157,940 lbs. (71,640 kg). The dozer delivers 636 Gross hp (474 kW) at 1800 RPM while maintaining high fuel efficiency and meeting all EPA Tier III and EU stage 3A emissions requirements.

Special features of the D375A-6 include:

• Productivity Performance

The D375A-6 increases net engine output by 85 hp (63 kW) to 610 hp (454.7 kW) at 1800 RPM. As with the previous -5EO model, a reduction in fuel consumption is realized because of the automatic transmission with lockup torque converter. The use of Komatsu’s electronic powertrain control system results in an efficient drawbar pull.

An updated Full-U 28.8 cu. yd. (22 cu m) blade allows for increased production without increasing blade width or reducing digging force. The shape of the blade is similar to the next-size-class-larger Komatsu dozer, the D475A-5EO. The overall-dozing capability is increased compared to the prior model without compromising visibility and balance, according to the manufacturer.

• Operator Enhancements

A large multi-lingual user-friendly LCD (liquid crystal display) multi-color monitor enables an operator to perform work efficiently and accurately. Enhanced screen visibility is achieved with the use of TFT (Thin Film Transistor) enabling viewing at various angles and lighting conditions. Komatsu-designed function keys enable multi-function operations. Various meters, gauges and warning functions are centrally arranged for simple start-up, inspection and prompt warning of any abnormalities.

To assist in environmentally aware and energy saving operation of the machine, an easy-to-read “eco gauge” is displayed on the right side of the multi-monitor screen. For energy saving operation, the operator simply operates the machine with the eco gauge in the green range.

• Standard Mining Specifications

There are 16 new, standard mining specifications including but not limited to: high mounted head lights; battery and starter isolator box; centralized grease points; and manual engine stop switches. Optional mining specifications include right and left hand platforms with handrails and HID work lights. A variable piston pump derived from the successful D475A-5EO hydraulic system replaces the previous tandem gear pump for efficiency and reliability.

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