KPI-JCI Develops Highly Mobile Fines Recovery Plant

Fri June 17, 2011 - National Edition

KPI-JCI, Kolberg Pioneer Inc. has developed the Model 9400P portable fines recovery plant for aggregate producers requiring a mobile fines recovery plant to support their existing operations by reducing the volume of fine material (typically, minus #100 mesh x plus #400 mesh) reporting to their settling ponds without the use of flocculants.

Key material processing components of the Model 9400P include a rubber lined slurry pump with variable frequency drive, rubber lined hydrocyclones, a heavy duty dewatering screen and a dual inlet slurry sump with bypass capabilities. The size and/or quantity of these components can be varied to meet the customer’s exacting specifications and to meet the individual application requirements.

Other features of the road portable plant include an air suspension axle assembly, hydraulic leveling jacks, hydraulically folding hydrocyclone support system and gas/hydraulic power pack.

According to Jeff Wendte, washing and classifying product manager of Kolberg-Pioneer, “These features allow the user to convert the plant from the road portable configuration to the operational configuration without the use of external equipment and vice-versa saving the aggregate producer time and money whenever the plant is relocated.”

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