KPI-JCI Recognized for Commendable Safety Upgrades

Mon April 22, 2013 - National Edition

Kolberg-Pioneer Inc. (KPI-JCI) has been recognized for its commendable efforts in safety by parent corporation Astec Industries Inc.

Kolberg-Pioneer Inc. (KPI-JCI) is the recipient of the Most Improved Safety Award for its 2012 safety record. The company decreased its recordable incidents by 56 percent over a 12-month period, according to Safety Manager Neil Pedersen.

The reduction in incidents is significant for the company, which places a heavy emphasis on safety in the workplace.

“Safety is an integral part of our day-to-day operations at Kolberg-Pioneer Inc.,” Pedersen said. “We want everyone to be safe and injury-free. This can be difficult to achieve in the manufacturing industry, but every day we make it our goal to have zero recordable incidents.”

Earlier this year, Kolberg-Pioneer Inc.’s sister company and branding partner, Johnson Crushers International (KPI-JCI), won the Bronze Hat Award from Astec Industries based on its excellent safety record over the past three years. In 2009, Kolberg-Pioneer Inc. (KPI-JCI) also received the Gold Award from Liberty Mutual, which recognizes companies that have less than 0.66 incidents per 200,000 works hours.

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