Kubota Unveils Super Double Boom Utility Class Excavator

Tue January 20, 2009 - National Edition

The Kubota KX080-3 super double boom 8-ton (7.2 t) utility class excavator
The Kubota KX080-3 super double boom 8-ton (7.2 t) utility class excavator

Kubota has introduced the KX080-3 super double boom 8-ton (7.2 t) utility class excavator. The double boom adds length and functionality to the machine while allowing operators to reach further, dig deeper and level wider ranges. Kubota’s KX080-3 super double boom is ideal for contractors and landscapers looking for a versatile excavator.

“The super double boom on our KX080-3 is the latest development in the utility class excavator market,” said Keith Rohrbacker, Kubota product manager. “The expandable boom feature lets professional operators continue working while repositioning the machine less, resulting in a more productive work site. In fact, the KX080-3 super double boom provides a wider working range than many larger excavators.”

Wider Working Range

Whether the job calls for leveling, dumping, or digging, the Kubota KX080-3 super double boom delivers greater performance than a standard boom. The super double boom is designed to bring the bucket more than 3 ft. (.9 m) closer to the machine, making it easy to hold soil in front of the blade when leveling, while eliminating the small piles of rocks and rubble often left by a standard boom. Other features include a dumping height of just over 20 ft. (6 m) and a digging depth of slightly more than 15 ft. (4.6 m). The wide leveling range with a wide tilt bucket also allows operators to easily level and finish on uneven surfaces.

Ease of Operation

The super double boom is designed to operate with the simple step of a pedal. Stepping on the left side of the pedal retracts the boom. And stepping on the right side of the pedal extends it. A breakout force of 14,660 lbs. (6,650 kg) ensures high productivity in the toughest of applications and a tight tail swing allows maneuvering in narrow job spaces. The KX080-3 is equipped with a three-pump load sensing system to ensure consistent performance during movement and simultaneous undertaking of applications, according to the manufacturer.

Like the standard KX080-3, the super double boom is equipped with a four-cylinder 70-hp. (52 kW) Kubota diesel engine and an auto idling system that contributes to reduction in noise and fuel consumption. Standard features include: dual auxiliary hydraulic ports, an anti-theft system for added security, deluxe suspension seat with retractable seatbelt, air conditioned cab and travel motors that automatically downshift.

Kubota Tractor Corporation, Torrance, Calif., is the U.S. marketer and distributor of Kubota-branded equipment, including a complete line of tractors up to 118 PTO hp (88 kW), performance-matched implements, compact and utility-class construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, commercial turf products and utility vehicles.

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