Latest MCG Crane Offers Mobile Lifting Technology

Wed November 22, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Manitowoc Crane Group’s Grove GTK1100 includes a wheeled mobile carrier with a vertical telescopic mast and a luffing telescopic boom at its top.

The crane’s design offers numerous benefits to those working on wind farms, refineries, power plants, petrochemical facilities or anywhere space is at a premium.

The GTK1100 requires very little room to erect and can be transported with as few as four trailers.

The crane’s engineering and mobilization features make it ideally suited to work in congested urban areas.

The crane also offers significant economic advantages on sites where transport costs are an issue — either transport within a site, or transport to and from the job site itself.

Glen Tellock, president and general manager of Manitowoc Crane Group, said the new GTK1100 exemplifies MCG’s commitment to product development.

“Product innovation is at the very heart of our business philosophy as a Crane Group and the GTK1100 is a perfect example of why it is so important to us,” he said. “Its design and operation have been engineered around the requirements of our customers. We have invested considerable resources in understanding our customers’ business needs to offer the latest in lifting technology — which is exactly what the GTK1100 represents.”

Manitowoc Crane Group has based the GTK1100’s primary carrier around a standard semi-trailer design.

As few as three semi-trailers can be required to transport the crane’s other components.

The vertical tower unit consists of a six-section telescopic mast which extends up to 266 ft. (81 m).

Four spreaders at the top of the mast attach by pendant links to four outriggers at the base of the crane to provide stability.

Mounted at the top of the vertical tower is a telescopic luffing boom. When fully extended, the GTK1100 will have a maximum lift height of more than 459 ft. (140 m).

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