LeeBoy Conducts ’LeeBoy University’ in Lincolnton, N.C.

Wed May 21, 2014 - Northeast Edition

Brian Hall (far R) teaches a Best Practices of Commercial Paving course to the attendees.
Brian Hall (far R) teaches a Best Practices of Commercial Paving course to the attendees.
Brian Hall (far R) teaches a Best Practices of Commercial Paving course to the attendees. LeeBoy’s Brian Hall and Tony Wight provide training on a startup of an 8515C paver. Chuck Tibbets, Tractor & Equipment Co., Panama City, Fla., operates the LeeBoy 8616B paver, while Mark Bolick, LeeBoy’s general manager of product support, instructs on proper screed operation. Mike McLean of The McLean Company, Columbus, Ohio, learns that the 8616B paver is easy to learn to operate. LeeBoy’s Product Manager Pete “Patcher” Kulp demonstrates how the RA 400 patcher can help solve pothole issues for municipalities.

VT LeeBoy Inc. hosted three-day sales and service training schools, also known as LeeBoy University, in January, February and March 2014 at the company’s factory facility in Lincolnton, N.C.

The six sessions hosted more than 200 participants, with some attendees traveling from Canada for the program. This was the company’s 10th year of holding LeeBoy University.

LeeBoy University consists of seminars held for dealerships to send their sales and service representatives "back to school" to reinforce and expand their knowledge and familiarity with the LeeBoy and Rosco brands. The seminars provide both classroom instruction and hands-on training. During their time at the plant, attendees discuss and learn all machine specifications, competitive machine specs, marketing and sales of the products, as well as a factory tour and interaction with the production staff. In addition, the service schools provided the participants with service techniques that could only be gained by attending the seminars.

LeeBoy’s Brian Hall and Pete Kulp were the instructors for the sales portion of the sessions, while Mark Bolick and the LeeBoy product support representatives were in charge of the service training.

Extensive machine walk-arounds and start-up techniques are a part of the training. The service portion of the program included training on equipment setup, calibration and operation, maintenance procedures and scheduling, safety tips, and troubleshooting.

This year, the program included hands-on paving and grading simulations with LeeBoy’s 8616 paver and 685 grader and simulations on the Rosco RA 400 pothole atcher and Maximizer Asphalt Distributor products.

For more information on LeeBoy and Rosco, visit www.leeboy.com.