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Link-Belt 130 X2 Series Excavator Boasts Dial-Up Work Modes

Sun February 01, 2009 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

LBX Company’s Link-Belt 130 X2 Series full-size excavator features Tier-III engine technology. Available with either a long undercarriage or regular carriage with blade and rubber tracks, the 130 X2 is designed for various residential and municipal applications.


The 130 X2 engine, hydraulics and onboard computer have been systematically designed for efficient, maximum power and productivity.


A completely re-engineered EPA certified Tier-III Isuzu engine meets the strictest emission regulations with exhaust gas recirculation technology, common rail fuel injection and turbocharger with intercooler to lower Nox and PM. With an increase in power to 95 hp (71 kW) and lower RPMs, the 130 X2 burns less fuel than before.

X2 Series’ Isuzu engines are equipped with glow plugs and feature automatic “idle-start” and “auto engine warm-up.” They have “cold-start” capability with built-in features to extend service life, according to the manufacturer.

Additionally, the “Engine Protection Feature” systematically preserves the engine should it experience an event that could cause a failure. All Isuzu engines carry a 2-year, 3,000-hour warranty, whichever comes first.


Working in synergy with the engine, the hydraulic system provides an increase of up to 10 percent in hydraulic horsepower. Whether used in trenching, lifting, grading or running auxiliary tools, the 130 X2 excavator is designed with the hydraulic features needed to specifically optimize each function. For example, the load-sensing automatic power boost feature provides additional power to muscle through tough digging conditions; or provides needed power in heavy lifting applications.

The 130 X2 also features 2-speed boom lifting and arm open/close functions in conjunction with hydraulic system regeneration to provide enhanced digging, lifting and swing speeds in 90-degree applications.

The onboard computer system senses and evaluates each load and allocates power and speed where it’s needed, never sacrificing one function for another, according to the manufacturer.

Standard joysticks come pre-wired for open/close/hammer and rotate left and right. The auxiliary spool is already built into the main control valve and additional spools can be stacked. The 130 X2 is already configured with ten auxiliary pre-sets for flow and pressure to easily choose the setting that’s needed for the tool that’s working. Aftermarket tubing is simple to add since the clamps come standard on the boom and arm.

Work Modes

Depending on the application, different work modes can easily be selected to change machine output by simply dialing the engine throttle to one of the following settings:

  • SP: Speed Priority Mode — Engine and hydraulic pumps are set at maximum output to provide faster cycle times for increased productivity. Power Boost automatically engages for eight seconds when needed in this mode.
  • H: Heavy Mode — This is an all-purpose work mode that provides reduced fuel consumption. Power Boost automatically engages for eight seconds when needed in this mode.
  • A: Applied Power Mode — Use this mode for lifting heavy objects or when performing precision functions. Power Boost is always on.


Every major component of the 130 X2 is built to provide maximum strength, support and durability.

The cab of this machine has a strong, reinforced tubular frame. Improved cab mounts secure the cab to the frame, providing a sturdy, protective shell for the operator.

The boom of the 130 X2 is engineered to withstand high torsional stresses. The boom-base boss sections are forged and the boom and arm-tip components are cast, providing maximum strength and durability.

Extended Maintenance System (EMS) pins and bushings reduce wear-and-tear, and brass bushings with graphite inserts reduce friction and extend lube intervals. Chrome pins and resin shims reduce free play and wear at the boom foot and boom top.

Protective features of the 130 X2 include a “parkerized” fuel tank that prevents corrosion due to water in the fuel; a drain cock and maintenance port on the fuel tank for easy inspection; side-by-side mounted radiator and oil cooler fins for simple cleaning; and a protective mesh screen to prevent debris from clogging cooler fins.


Link-Belt’s “Extended Maintenance System” extends lube intervals to six months or 1,000-hours for all attachment pivot points. With a 5,000-hour hydraulic oil change interval and a 2,000-hour filter replacement interval, the owning and operating costs of the 130 X2 are kept down.

Ground-level access to remote-mounted filters means filters can be easily changed. And to help prevent spills, filters are mounted vertically. Additionally, an engine oil drain “green plug” has a spring-loaded release and drain hose for an easier, more environmentally friendly oil change.

In the event that service is needed on the 130 X2, diagnostics are straightforward and quick. Link-Belt service technicians can easily troubleshoot this machine with its onboard diagnostic system, saving time and money by getting right to the issue.


The X2 Series cab has vertically adjustable control consoles that adjust to four positions. The “KAB 815” seat slides independently of the control consoles for comfortable joystick access.

The 130 X2 comes standard with a climate control system that automatically regulates the temperature. With vent selection control over 9 vents, air flow is easy to direct where it’s wanted and needed.

Expansive window space and a one-piece right-hand window provides enhanced visibility. The sun roof allows clear views when working up high while providing protection from the weather. The sun roof also comes with a retractable sun shade to block harmful UV rays.

All controls are positioned ergonomically and there’s plenty of storage space and a cup holder to keep items in their place. To obtain critical machine data, the large LCD monitor displays a variety of information in 14 different languages.

And no matter who is in the operator’s seat of a 130 X2, they’ll be able to run it because a control pattern changer is standard equipment on all Link-Belt excavators.

Product Support

Financing options are available through United States dealers utilizing LBX Financial Services (LBXFS). Also, dealer service technicians are factory trained at LBX to ensure the best maintenance possible. Link-Belt excavator dealers have around-the-clock access to parts, the majority of which are distributed from the LBX Parts Distribution Center located in Lexington, Ky.

For more information, call 859/245-3900 or visit

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