Link-Belt 210 X2 Wins Energy Conservation Award for Design

Wed March 05, 2008 - National Edition

LBX Company has announced that its Link-Belt 210 X2 hydraulic excavator has won the Energy Conservation Award.

The award is bestowed jointly by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in Ministry of Economy, Japan and the Industry and Energy Conservation Center, Japan.

The Energy Conservation Award recognizes innovative products that accelerate wider commercial application of new energy-saving technologies that also result in reduced emissions and environmental conservation. Additionally, it covers energy conservation technology, equipment and systems for non-military use.

The award is intended to raise awareness of energy conservation and to promote the development and spread of energy-saving technologies. It highlights the fuel-efficiency of the Link-Belt 210 X2, which uses 20 percent less fuel than the previous model.

The 210 X2 achieves this result through the designed synergy between Isuzu engine technology and the re-vamped hydraulic system. The 210 X2’s clean-burning Isuzu engine meets all Tier III requirements, effectively reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

The Link-Belt 210 X2 also was recently awarded the Good Design Award, Japan’s comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system, awarded by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.