McCloskey Stackers Now Feature Direct-Loading Feed Bin

Mon April 02, 2007 - National Edition
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High-capacity stacking conveyors from McCloskey International are now being offered with a direct-loading “V” bin. With the “V” bin installed, operators can feed the stackers with a wheel loader or similar equipment with bucket loads of up to 7 yds. (5.3 cu. m).

The McCloskey “V” bin is the first to offer operators a direct-feed alternative to feeding the stacker with other conveying equipment, according to the company.

“If you’re handling bulk material,” said company President and founder Paschal McCloskey, “you are already using some kind of equipment with a loading bucket or scoop on it. This direct-loading feed bin opens up new ways to utilize that existing equipment with more flexibility. In most cases, it eliminates the need for a separate feed conveyor to load the stacker.”

While the bin can be installed on virtually any McCloskey stacker, the company expects that the option will become most popular on stackers sized in the 80- to 125-ft. (24- to 38-m) range. Direct-loading will be useful in re-handling applications such as municipal salt domes, where various types of loading equipment can be put to use to transfer material from trucks and barges to the stockpile. Depending on the material being stockpiled, these stackers typically handle from 350 to more than 800 tons (317 to 726 t) per hour of bulk material.

The ability to offer direct-loading as a low-cost option is a spin-off benefit of McCloskey’s patented “wheels-back” heavy counter weight stacker design. This design, which allows the stacker to stand closer to the pile and therefore build higher stockpiles, demands construction of a stronger frame at the outset. The structural engineering of the McCloskey stacker, based on a 5 by 3 by .25 in. (12.7 by 7.6 by .6 cm) truss frame, provides the necessary strength to move the undercarriage closer to the rear of the stacker as well as providing a solid frame on which to mount the heavy duty “V” bin. Conventional stackers built on a much lighter frame would require extensive redesign before a “V” bin of sufficient strength would be practical, according to the company.

McCloskey stackers also provide a powerful drive and wrap system to support direct loading. Their Caterpillar engines, in the 80 to 130 hp (60 to 97 kW) range, are complemented by gear boxes, line bearings and pulleys.

McCloskey “V” Bin stackers feature rubber impact idlers instead of regular steel rollers to protect the belt against loading impacts. On stackers equipped with the feed bin, the idlers also are spaced closer together to give additional support under the belt. Heavy-duty 3-ply belting also is standard on these models.

With the direct-loading “V” bin installed, McCloskey stackers remain compatible with traditional conveyor equipment such as truck unloaders. The bin also can be rotated to suit any angle of approach for the loader equipment.

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