Modern Equipment to Manage Seely Equipment & Supply

Fri October 20, 2006 - Northeast Edition

Seely Equipment & Supply in Farmingdale, N.J., will be managed by Chris Pera, president of Modern Equipment Sales & Rental, according to David Griffith, president & CEO of Modern Group Ltd.

“This change is very positive for Seely Equipment & Supply’s customers and the customers of Modern Equipment Sales & Rental Co. [MESRCO],” said Griffith. “The transformation will add an extraordinary amount of products to both companies’ traditional product and manufacturer offerings. Additionally, we plan to expand the availability of products offered by both Seely and MESRCO to municipal and non-municipal equipment users such as contractors and industrial businesses in manufacturing and warehousing.”

“We will add new rental equipment to the Farmingdale facility within the next few weeks,” Pera said, adding that it is the company’s belief that the municipal customer base has a need for short-term rentals, and that many of its contractor and industrial customers have requirements for the items Seely has historically represented.

For more information, call 800/445-4381.