Mustang’s MTL16, MTL25 Track Loaders Plow Through Muddy, Sandy Job Sites

Sun September 10, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Mustang’s MTL16 and MTL25 track loaders operate in tough conditions, such as on sandy or muddy job sites.

The MTL16 and MTL25 come equipped with rubber tracks, allowing operators to move from smooth to complex surfaces.

A track undercarriage provides the flotation necessary for tough conditions and the traction required for strength in excavating stubborn materials.

The MTL16 and MTL25 have operating capacities of 2,315 and 3,528 lbs. (1,050 and 1,600 kg) (at 50 percent of tipping load) and 1,620 and 2,470 lbs. (735 kg and 1,120 kg) (at 35 percent of tipping load), respectively.

The MTL16 has a breakout force of 6,728 lbs. (3,052 kg), and the MTL25 has a breakout force of 8,692 lbs. (3,942 kg).

The machines also boast the same operator comfort features to which operators of other Mustang products are accustomed. In addition to a spacious operator compartment, pilot-operated joystick controls and a six-way adjustable seat are included.

A tilt-back cab and swing-out hydraulic oil cooler shorten maintenance downtime for each of the track loader machines. A lockable engine compartment and fuel tank protect the machine from vandalism.

“The Mustang track loaders come with most of the bells and whistles standard,” said Mr. Kelly P. Moore, Mustang track loader product manager. “Some optional features are available for operators who need extras. But users of the MTL16 and MTL25 will find that the machines are pretty well equipped coming right off the line.”

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