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New FPT V20, Power Without Compromise: FPT Industrial Unveils Its New 20-Liter Engine at ConExpo-Con/AGG 2017

Wed March 08, 2017 - National Edition

The new FPT V20 is a 20-liter engine with a 90° V8 (8 cylinder) architecture engine, which performs at a maximum power of up to 910 hp @ 1,800 rpm and a maximum torque of up to 3,024 lbs*ft (4,100 Nm) @ 1,500 rpm. It presents a new proven 2,200 bar Common Rail Injection system and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) - the same adopted by FPT Industrial's Cursor engine family - resulting in high system efficiency and low fluid consumption. At the same time, the lean V8 design with no-EGR, as well as the single-stage WG turbocharging and high resistance materials, guarantee system reliability.

The FPT V20 has been specifically developed to match all the requirements coming from different application fields. Thus, it is suitable for both stationary and mobile applications, such as Construction, Power Generation, Military, Agriculture, and Railways.

The V20 is best-in-class for power-to-weight ratio (13% more than 12 cylinders competitors' average), delivering high performance while preserving vehicle stability and reducing load on axles. The V20 is also the most compact engine of its category, minimizing impact on vehicle dimensions and load capacity. The V20 features top efficiency benefits: it permits up to 2% of savings on fuel compared to 12 cylinder engines averages thanks to lower friction and smaller displacement. Furthermore, the V20's cross-banks exhaust system design releases optimal turbochargers fluid-dynamics for maximum efficiency.

Developed to be as productive as possible, the V20 adopts a one side serviceability layout: oil, fuel, and blow by filters are placed on the front side allowing an easy access position from the vehicle hood; all filters are remote-mountable on request to fit multiple applications layouts. At the same time, the single cylinder heads are designed and made in high-resistance nodular cast iron to guarantee higher performance with 220 bar PCP and easier maintenance operations.

The V20 adopts FPT Industrial's HI-eSCR technology, proven by more than 25 year of experience and exclusive patented solutions. This regeneration and maintenance free ATS allows maximized vehicle uptime and low cost of ownership. The new turbocharger layout with turbines outlet junction allows to improve and to simplify the ATS piping and performance.

V20 Tier4 Final / Stage V Specifications

Architecture: 90° V8 Cylinders

Injection System (psi/bar): Common Rail (up to 31,910/2,200)

Air Handling: 1 WG per cylinders bank

Valves per cylinder (number): 4

Displacement (inch3/dm3): 1,227 / 20.1

Bore per stroke (inch/mm): 5.71 x 5.98 / 145 x 152

Peak Power (hp @ rpm): 910 @ 1,800

Rated Power (hp @ rpm): 830 @ 2,100

Max Torque (lbs*ft @ rpm): 3,024 @ 1,500

Max Torque (Nm @ rpm): 4,100 @ 1,500

Dimensions L / W / H (inch/mm): 63.0 / 46.8 / 52.7 | 1,625 / 1,190 / 1,340 (*)

Dry Weight (lbs/kg): 3,527 / 1,600

Oil Service Interval (h): 600



(*) values of base engine version; to be finalized with FPT Industrial for different engine dressing