New Holland Enhances Pushing Power on DC Dozers

Wed June 07, 2000 - Northeast Edition

New Holland Construction’s new DC150 and DC180 dozers combine advanced technology with operator comfort and ease of servicing to maximize productivity. New Holland dozers are well balanced due to the length of the track on the ground, excellent weight distribution and a low center of gravity. The power-to-weight ratio provides enhanced pushing power.

Both 104-kilowatt (140 hp) DC150 and 134-kilowatt (180 hp) DC180 are smooth running and easy to operate.They use a powershift transmission with torque converter. This, combined with an automatic downshift feature in the transmission, matches the ground speed to varying load conditions. The automatic transmission also speeds production cycles by automatically shifting from forward to 2nd reverse when reverse is selected.

The operator’s compartment has been designed for comfort and convenience. It features increased ergonomics, visibility and comfort. Fingertip steering and transmission controls require little operator effort to achieve outstanding productivity.

These dozers also offer ease of service and low operating costs. The wide-opening service panels, diagnostic test-port panel, hydraulic tilt-over cab or canopy and modular powertrain components make routine servicing easy and reduces downtime when service is required. Oil-immersed disc brakes improve steering and braking performance and help cut maintenance time.

In addition, the undercarriage has heavy-duty wear components to help extend undercarriage life. To maximize traction, the track frames are connected to the main frame by a pivot shaft and pinned oscillating beam.

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