Nordberg GP500S Cone Boosts Quarry Crushing Capacity

Mon March 17, 2008 - National Edition

The new Nordberg GP500S cone crusher, with a typical capacity range between 330 and 1200 tph (300 and 1100 t) is one of the newest members of the Nordberg GP Series of cone crushers.

The Nordberg IC50 automation unit comes as standard in the GP500S cone crusher. This contributes significantly to the efficiency and availability of the crusher. The IC50 automation unit guarantees constant choke feeding. It also improves the liner utilization rate and thus the end product quality by promoting inter-particle crushing. The automation system keeps crushing at maximum operational limits but within safety margins.

Advanced automation, easy adjustment and a limited number of maintenance points also make the Nordberg GP Series really operator-friendly. The automation system helps the operator to find the right crusher settings quickly and easily, according to the manufacturer.

The new GP500S is designed to give maximum performance in a wide variety of crushing processes: high performance with all kind of rock types and varying feed, and from stationary to highly mobile applications. Full process adaptability is the result of being able to use two different crushing cavities in the same frame structure.

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