OAIMA Holds 16th Annual Legislative Reception in Columbus

Sat April 26, 2014 - Midwest Edition

Ron Watson (L) of Watson Gravel speaks with Ohio CAT’s Paul Liesem.
Ron Watson (L) of Watson Gravel speaks with Ohio CAT’s Paul Liesem.
Ron Watson (L) of Watson Gravel speaks with Ohio CAT’s Paul Liesem. (L-R): Ted Lemmon of The Shelly Company joins Ohio State Representatives Brian Hill (district 97) and Fred Strahorn (district 39) and Denny Larr of The Shelly Company. (L-R): Ohio State Rep. Terry Blair (district 42) speaks with Nathaniel Grundy of Mine Services Company, OAIMA Executive Director Pat Jacomet, and Dan Mapes of National Lime & Stone Company. Ohio CAT’s Linda Meier (L) and OAIMA Executive Assistant Maralynn Loos take a moment from a busy evening of ensuring that everything ran smoothly at the OAIMA Legislative Reception. Brian Wheeler (L) of National Lime & Stone enjoys some conversation with Ron Tipton of Hanson Aggregates. (L-R): Ohio State Sen. Kris Jordan and Ohio State Reps. Andrew Brenner (district 67) and John Becker (district 65) stopped by to meet with OAIMA members. (L-R): Jon Niebel, Jason Emch, Chad Reel and Sam Schmitz of The Shelly Company catch up with Dale Mathew of Stoneco Inc.

The Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA), Ohio’s trade association representing mining operations with the exception of coal, held its 16th Annual Legislative Reception on March 26 at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio.

The event was well attended by both OAIMA members and Ohio’s lawmakers. The reception offers an opportunity for members to meet with State Senators and representatives in a relaxed setting to share their thoughts regarding a variety of issues impacting the industry. Key topics of discussion were recent amendments to Ohio Bill HB277, sponsored by Rep. Stautberg. Of concern are changes to the Type 2, Expedited Annexation process. As passed by committee, the bill would further limit access to local aggregate sources and add costs through expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Association members also used the opportunity to voice their support for State Issue 1— the State Capital Improvements Program that authorizes $1.875 billion in local government infrastructure aid. During the OAIMA board meeting that preceded the legislative reception, the board of directors agreed to offer financial support for the issue as it would provide additional funding for much needed roads and infrastructure improvements while creating jobs.

Sponsors for this year’s legislative reception included Barrett Paving Materials, Columbus Equipment Company, East Fairfield Coal Co., Lime Stone Division, Eastman & Smith Limited, Gerken Materials Inc., Hanson Aggregates, Martin Marietta Aggregates, The Melvin Stone Co., National Lime & Stone Co., The Olen Corporation, The Shelly Company, and Watson Gravel Inc.