Optional Magnet Adds Versatility to Jaw Crusher Bucket

Wed June 18, 2008 - National Edition

Demolition and concrete contractors using the Eco-Crusher, a jaw crusher bucket for crushing material onsite, have the option of adding a magnet to provide an easy and efficient means of removing rebar from crushed debris.

The Eco-Crusher enables contractors to provide the onsite processing of concrete, bricks, blocks, basalt, aggregate and more, thus reducing the costs for hauling and tipping fees on the job. The Eco-Crusher fits on any brand excavator and runs on a standard hammer auxiliary circuit.

“We have added a magnet option to our attachment to provide more value to the recycling process,” said Larry Giberson, vice president of Giberson Enterprises. “Demolition contractors crushing concrete containing rebar find the magnet speeds up the process of clean up.”

The magnet mounts to the body of the crusher bucket and is operated from inside the cab. After the debris runs through the crushing process, the operator uses the magnet to pick and move rebar and other steel from the pile, eliminating handwork and increasing safety on the job.

The installation kit consists of a magnet, support structure, mounting bolts and a wiring diagram. The magnet and support structure combined weighs between 716 and 804 lbs. (325 and 364 kg), depending on unit size. Operational distance between the magnet and the product to be picked is approximately 6 in. (15 cm).

The Eco-Crusher line now includes five models with the addition of the new heavy-duty HD90 for 58,000-lb. (26,308 kg) or larger excavators along with the BF60 for 18,000-lb. (8,165 kg) or larger excavators; the BF70 for 28,000-lb. (12,700 kg) or larger excavators; the BF90 for 48,000-lb. (21,772 kg) or larger excavators, and the BF120 for 68,000-lb. (30,844 kg) or larger excavators.

The bucket crusher is capable of handling a feed thickness of 15-in. (38 cm) minus for recycle and 10-in. (25 cm) minus for aggregate resulting in an end product that ranges from 6-in. (15 cm) down to 1-in. (2.5 cm) minus.

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