Palfinger Expands its Comprehensive Range of Assistance Systems

Mon August 06, 2018 - National Edition

The last weighed result can be added to or deducted from a previously recorded total weight. (PALFINGER AG photo)
The last weighed result can be added to or deducted from a previously recorded total weight. (PALFINGER AG photo)

Palfinger's assistance systems MEXT and WEIGH integrate mechanical extensions into the overload protection system and weigh loads directly on the crane to further increase efficiency. Both functions can be easily activated by the crane operator via the radio remote control PALcom P7.

MEXT Monitors Mechanical Extensions

MEXT allows one or even two mechanical extensions to be monitored by the crane's sensors and integrated into the overload protection system. Despite the long reach of Palfinger TEC cranes with up to nine hydraulic extensions on the crane boom and six hydraulic extensions on the fly jib, further mechanical extensions on the fly jib can be useful or necessary. After the operator has selected whether one or two mechanical extensions are being used, the crane's performance is adapted to the maximum load capacity of the extension. Thereby, additional external sensors are not necessary anymore, according to the manufacturer.

WEIGH — Weighing Loads

The option WEIGH allows crane operators to weigh the load directly using the crane, thereby getting an overview of the positions to which they can lift the load.

After applying the tare function, the load can be lifted and weighed. Using WEIGH, the crane operator knows which positions the crane can reach before the load is lifted, meaning that the crane operation can be made even more efficient. Another advantage is that the WEIGH function provides a better overview as it allows the data of the last 10 weighing operations to be stored.


The new systems MEXT and WEIGH are now available for the three heavy-duty cranes PK 135.002 TEC 7, PK 165.002 TEC 7 and PK 200002 L SH and for all other TEC 7 models.

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