Pavers Can Ride Easy on Dynaweld Fixed-Neck Semis

Wed October 25, 2000 - Northeast Edition

Dynaweld fixed-neck paver semis combine easy loading with a stable ride and maximum load space to accommodate all machinery — pavers to rollers to screeds — and accessories.

With 31.5- to 45-metric-ton (35 to 50 ton) capacities, these units are built with T-l steel fabricated main beams and structural steel side rails to prevent frame deflection from concentrated heavy loads. They have a 1.5-meter (5 ft.) beavertail and 3.7-metric (12 ft.) electric/hydraulic bi-fold ramps for an easy-loading 8-degree approach angle.

Diamond plate covered wheels extend the usable flat deck length to 8.2 meters (26 ft. 9 in.). Full width gooseneck has a 20-degree rise to the 2.7-meter (8 ft. 9 in.) upper deck.

All Dynaweld heavy equipment trailers have Ziebart undercoating, solid (not nominal) 5.1-centimeter (2 in.) oak decks, waterproof modular wiring and paintable steel shot blasted, alkaline cleaned and double coated with name brand acrylic enamels.

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