Dynaweld special edition hydraulic detachables now carry all the most-requested options as standard features, along with improved curb and ground obstacle clearance. The 70XHD-SE 35 ton (31.5 t) trailer is engineered for heavy wide loads such as hydraulic excavators.

The Dynaweld 100XHD, a 50 ton (45t) hydraulic detachable trailer offers maximum efficiency in loading heavy equipment from the front onto the 24-by 8.5-ft. (7.3 by 2.6 m) deck. With beavertail and hydraulic rear ramps plus diamond plate steel over the wheels, it is easy to load the rear deck which is 14 by 8.5 ft.

Adding a double drop deck to the Dynaweld hydraulic beavertail semi trailer creates an excellent carrier for forklifts, lift trucks, aerial platforms, telehandlers, scissor lifts — any equipment that’s unwieldy, top heavy, high density or hard to load.

Dynaweld fixed-neck paver semis combine easy loading with a stable ride and maximum load space to accommodate all machinery — pavers to rollers to screeds — and accessories. With 31.5- to 45-metric-ton (35 to 50 ton) capacities, these units are built with T-l steel fabricated main beams and structural steel side rails to prevent frame deflection from concentrated heavy loads.