Peterbilt 2007 Engine Vehicles Provide Increased Fuel Efficiency

Sun October 28, 2007 - National Edition

Trucking industry executives who have integrated 2008 Peterbilt Model 389’s into their fleets have reported that their 2007 engine vehicles are running strong and are more fuel-efficient than their pre-emissions mandate counterparts.

John Thomas, president of Thomas Trucking in Lancaster, Pa., is pleased with the value, productivity and low cost of operation of the 2008 Peterbilt Model 389s he operates.

Thomas runs a fleet of traditionally styled Peterbilt conventionals, into which he recently integrated five new 2008 Peterbilt Model 389s, as well as a new Model 389 he loans to Michael Waltrip’s NASCAR Craftsman Truck team, which uses it as a transporter.

“Everybody else just seemed afraid to go with the ’08s because of the unknowns,” said Thomas, referencing the EPA mandates which significantly lowered allowable engine emissions and resulted in truck engine manufacturers redesigning engines in order to comply.

“But the thing is, we all knew it was coming for a long time. We’re extremely happy with our new trucks.”

The new Peterbilt Model 389s are having a positive effect on the bottom line as well, according to Thomas, whose 28-truck fleet delivers bulk products such as mulch and topsoil as well as construction materials such as cement and sand.

In addition, Thomas said because of the new engines, his vehicles’ performance has actually improved.

“We’re getting better fuel efficiency with the ’08s. Our tri-axles, for example, are getting one-half mile to a full mile per gallon better than our ’06 trucks.”

2008 Model Vehicles

The all new Peterbilt’s 2008 model lineup features new compliant engine technologies. The lineup includes:

• The aerodynamically styled Model 384 and Model 387 day cab, which join the Model 387 and Model 386 for a complete aero truck lineup.

• The aero-enhanced, traditionally styled Model 389 and Model 388.

• The vocational Model 367, Model 365 and Model 340.

• The cab-over Models 210 and 220 and conventional Models 330 and 325 join the award-winning Model 335 for a complete medium duty truck lineup.

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