Red Oak Disposal Service Carves Niche in Demolition, Recycling

Fri May 06, 2005 - Northeast Edition

Red Oak Disposal Service Inc., a southern New Jersey contractor, has been taking on specialized jobs in demolition and recycling since 1986 to meet the needs of a changing, growing economy.

“We take on the jobs that no one else can or wants to take on. We clear and recycle stumps and brush as well as blacktop and concrete. We will take down an old garage as well as pull up a parking lot and recycle all of the material we take away. Red Oak is adapting to meet the needs of customers as southern New Jersey grows and evolves,” said Howell R. Wentzell, owner and manager of Red Oak.

Wentzell’s roots are in farming. He farmed the land Red Oak is located on until 1990. The population boom that occurred in southern New Jersey in the 80s created a need for the construction and commercial services that Red Oak currently provides. The increase in population that has occurred since has created a need for residential services that Red Oak now also provides.

“We now provide residential curbside collections as well as two-yard to 40-yard container service,” said Wentzell.

Red Oak has recently made purchases of three specially-equipped JCB’s from Farm-Rite, Inc. in Shiloh, NJ, to handle its growing demolition and recycling workload.

The JCB 407ZX articulated wheel loader with a quick-connect multipurpose bucket and quick-connect forks and the JCB JS130 hydraulic excavator with thumb, will move, sort and load all different types of green waste and construction debris. The JCB 8032Z mini-excavator equipped with a hydraulic hammer and thumb will break up concrete as well as dig up, move and sort debris.

Don Strang, president of Farm-Rite, Inc said that Farm-Rite like Red Oak is evolving to meet the needs of the changing southern New Jersey economy.

“The JCB line of equipment has been very popular with our existing farm, nursery, landscape and municipal customers. Also, taking on the full-line of JCB products has enabled us to grow our business by satisfying the needs of the construction industry and contractors that are supplying and building a growing southern New Jersey,” Strang said.

Farm-Rite, a business that was built on providing products and services to the farming community now is offering products and services to the growing construction, industrial and residential communities around them.