Ring Power Corporation Signs Agreement With GFS

Tue September 02, 2014 - Southeast Edition

Ring Power Corporation has signed an agreement with GFS Corporation to become the official distributor of the EVO-SP Bi-Fuel Retrofit System in the southeast United States.

The EVO-SP natural gas conversion system for stationary diesel engines allows operators of electric power generators to substantially reduce costs, extend emergency run-time and improve tsustainability by substituting diesel fuel with lower cost, cleaner burning natural gas.

Using controls and hardware, the EVO-SP System is designed to seamlessly integrate with modern, electronically-controlled diesel engines operating in dynamic and challenging environments such as drilling, pumping, paralleling operations and as critical emergency back-up power. Smart, fast and intelligent controls safely and efficiently regulate the gas mixture to provide the optimum substitution rate across the entire load range. For more information, visit www.ringpower.com