Take on Light Demo With Atlas Copco SB 52 Breaker

Mon December 03, 2007 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC’s SB 52 is the smallest model in its new generation of SB hydraulic breaker attachments. The new breaker is ideal for light demolition and landscaping applications, and is designed to hit harder and faster while improving reliability, according to the manufacturer.

Suitable for small carriers in the 1,540- to 2,650-lb. (698 to 1,202 kg) weight class, the 121-lb. (55 kg) SB 52 offers an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. The breaker’s slimline design enhances operator visibility and allows for easy positioning and operation in confined spaces such as inside buildings or in narrow trenches.

The SB 52 delivers a maximum impact rate of 1,800 blows per minute, a 20 percent increase over its predecessor. The breaker operates at a pressure range of 1,450 to 2,180 psi (100.05 to 150.42 bar) and requires hydraulic oil flow of 3.2 to 8.5 gal. (12 to 32 L) per minute.

The solid body concept of the Atlas Copco SB range features a one-piece design that contains all integral parts in the same iron alloy casting for strength and reliability. The SB 52 is lighter than other models and has fewer parts as it does not utilize side bolts and separate components for the front head, cylinder and back head.

Due to a replaceable floating bushing and even fewer working parts, the SB 52 is easier to service than the previous model. A longer bushing length provides maximum tool guidance to reduce off-line movement and subsequent tool wear. The breaker also features a wide shank diameter to withstand bending stress and operator abuse.

Additionally, vibrations and noise emissions have been significantly reduced due to a new hammer mechanism with recoil dampening.

For added equipment protection and reliability, the SB 52 features a built-in pressure relief valve as standard equipment to protect the breaker from exceeding recommended operating pressure. The accumulator has been cast into the main body of the breaker for a more rugged design, and uses a new charge valve, which is now flush with the accumulator cover for optimum protection. These new features eliminate the step of unbolting the accumulator when re-sealing the breaker and the need for constant charging of the accumulator.

The SB 52 is covered by a limited three-year warranty.

For more information, visit www.atlascopco.com.

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