Tiny Takeuchi TL 150 Packs Big Punch For N. Carolina Contractor

Wed June 08, 2005 - Southeast Edition

Steven Warren has owned larger equipment than the Takeuchi TL 150 track loader his company, C&J Utilities of Burlington, NC, purchased in April.

But what it lacks in size, it makes up for with its performance at the job site, Warren said.

“Nothing really seemed to compare to that one as far as I’m concerned.”

The contracting firm keeps busy mostly with utility work, but handles a grading job every now and then.

The crew is currently clearing a 4-acre (1.6 ha) tract in Medane, NC, for a condominium and apartment complex. Warren said he’s using the Takeuchi to haul logs and move brush.

At one point during the job, he said the Takeuchi lifted a piece of wood a larger backhoe couldn’t. He also said it performs much like a rubber-tired loader, except it’s quicker and more maneuverable.

He’s also had the TL 150, which weighs in at 10,692 lbs., charge through a muddy site with no problems.

C&J Utilities purchased the equipment from Charlie Snyder, of CCS Equipment Sales, in Youngsville, NC.

“They always give good service,” Warren said. “[Snyder] has been good to work with.”

The TL 150 is part of a trio of track loaders, which also includes the 7,500-lb. TL 130 and the 9,500-lb. TL 140.

Snyder, who owns CCS with Steve Jeffries and Charles Davis, said he has been selling these machines since 2001, when the company took on the Takeuchi line.

They sold approximately 50 units last year, mostly to landscapers, water and sewer contractors and general contractors.

He said Warren isn’t the only contractor who sings the machine’s praises. Others have noted the machine’s power (97 hp), which is more than some larger-sized dozers.

In addition, the cab boasts a roll-up door like an excavator, enabling the operator to peer out easier. Also, Snyder said operators rave about the joystick controls.

Aside from the full Takeuchi line, CCS also carries products from Gehl, Link-Belt, Rammax and Yanmar.

The dealer has 15 employees, including five mechanics.

For more information, call 919/556-9110. CEG Staff