Trimble Expands Capabilities of LM80

Fri March 16, 2007 - National Edition

Trimble has announced enhancements to the Trimble LM80 layout manager and Trimble LM80 desktop office software.

The Trimble LM80 layout manager is a pocket-sized, personal layout tool that lets contractors enter their blueprint, creating a digital replica. It allows users to carry, manage, work with and lay out the job site blueprint, regardless of the method and instrumentation used in a variety of commercial and residential applications. When attached to a Trimble construction total station, the LM80 increases accuracy, reliability and productivity, according to the manufacturer.

The Trimble LM80 layout manager has several new features and enhancements that further improve a contractor’s workflow for managing and laying out their commercial or residential job. Improved measurement techniques now allow contractors to measure lines, as well as define and accurately lay out flat or sloping surfaces such as building pads and driveways.

Trimble LM80 desktop is an easy-to-use PC-based office software support tool for use with the LM80 layout manager. Using the LM80 desktop software, contractors can create a digital replica of the blueprint, load it onto LM80 layout manager and prepare in the office for a perfect layout in the field. New functionality now available in Trimble LM80 desktop includes:

• Enter plan capability allows the contractor to draw/generate an electronic copy of their blueprint in the office. Now they have all the same functionality to enter blueprint data in the office with LM80 desktop, as they previously had when using the LM80 manager. Users have the option to create electronic blueprints on a computer in the office, or directly onto a LM80 layout manager in the field.

• COGO functions provide the contractor with the ability to perform coordinate geometry calculations in the office. The same computations that can be done with the LM80 layout manager also can now be done in the office. These calculations include: angle, distance, area and perimeter.

• New CAD file improvements allows the contractors to use the DXF files as background line work that can be transferred to the LM80 layout manager with the job. This eliminates the need to manually create lines on the LM80 layout manager, and gets layout data into the field faster and easier than before.

Trimble LM80 layout manager version 4.00 and Trimble LM80 desktop version 2.00 are available immediately through Trimble’s worldwide construction dealer channel.

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